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Old Dalby Church of EnglandPrimary School

Kind hearts, open minds, courageous spirits

Together we will explore life in all its fullness

Let us be concerned for one another, to help one another to show love and to do good. Hebrews 10:24

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What have you been up to?

Tell us what you have been doing during your time at home, or reply to messages on here. We'll post messages and ideas on here as a way of staying in touch with each other. If you have any photos you would like to share, email them to Mrs Browne and we'll add them too.

From Daisy:


i've been creating my own book

i've made a map of a book i'm reading

i've got a brand new bike

i ve learnt all about butterflies

i've been doing the topic , maths , english miss j and spellings and reading every day i've had a bbq with lacey c i've been round to see family for their b.days i've been to bradgate park to see my freind sian i've read alot of books incuding the dork diries collectoin 2 jackiline wilson books and im reading a book called nevermoore with miss j stay safe see ya soon bye!

From Jake and Holly:

They've been very busy learning about the water cycle, they've even made a model!

From Lacey:

A poem about kindness.

From Oliver K-H:

We've hatched two ducklings!

From Lily W:

Hi everyone I have been learning to iron as well as doing my school work. I miss you all so much and can’t wait to be back at school 😘😘😘


From Izzy:

Izzy has been hard at work in the sunshine planting up her new planter - fingers crossed, the bees will love it!


From Oliver K-H:

We've hatched some chicks!


From Daisy:

Hi every one I have been baking yummy cakes, I have been doing times tables every day, I have been also doing 2 hours of school work Monday to Friday with Miss J online and have been set home work by her which means I am probably learning a bit. I have completed the ww2 challenges and i am working my way through the wild at heart challenges. I hope you guys are enjoying the time off, I know I am and I hope to see you all very soon but until then  stay safe bye! 

From Dan:

Dan's been busy practising the drums and making an Anderson shelter for his WWII project.


Dan playing Live and Let Die

Still image for this video

From Millie and Lacey:

 Lacey and Millie enjoyed celebrating VE day in our village on Friday. We had a social distancing Street party. We decorated our houses, and all sat outside on our own drives and had a picnic. In the evening we sang we will meet again by Vera Lynn.

From Theia:



Note from the teachers: Wow!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!!

From James:

 Hi, here is my wonderful football goals!

James 1.mp4

Still image for this video

From Millie and Lacey:

Lacey and Millie had lots of fun baking millionaires shortbread, as part of Millie's chocolate homework. They surprised all the teachers on Friday, by dropping them off to sample them.


A note from the teachers - The shortbread was fantastic, thank you both very much!!

From Oliver W:

We have been very busy building, dens for us and insects/birds, planets, planting and painting, zoom drama lessons, tree climbing and ‘surfing’, listening to bedtime stories from you all and eating a lot of toasted marshmallows!

We have done lessons inside dens, lots of measuring units and volumes, 3D shapes etc during building and making planets.  The cardboard cutout is when we drew round Oliver lying down, and Oliver did a show about times tables with him.





From Anoushka, Arabella and George:

We have been busy doing a little bit of English and maths every day. After that, we get creative! We have been baking cakes, bread and making family dinners. We have been painting and building things. Anoushka made the Empire State building and Arabella made Anoushka's birthday cake. We are really missing our friends and can't wait to see you all. 




From Dan:

Today Dan has been combining maths, science, DT and cooking. 

By getting 8 items, estimating their weight; then building a simple set of balance scales (using a broom and some skirting board) to compare the weights and improve the estimate. And finally measuring the weights accurately on some scales. 


From Zak:

Zak has been very busy making a ship with Finn they have come up with the names there selfs captain chocolate chops ( Finn) zak is now pirate smelly socks they had lots of fun we are how looking into ship wrecks and under the sea hope your all well he’s missing you all lots stay safe 


From George R:

 Hi everyone I hope you are all staying safe.  I have made an Old Dalby wordsearch if you want something to do.

From Annabelle:

Annabelle has been busy learning about food.  She has designed her own sandwich, written a recipe for it, made it and of course eaten it!!  She has also looked at the paintings of Arcimboldo and created her own face.

She would like to say  "I miss you" to Miss Buckler, Mrs Murphy and all of Class 2.


From Oliver W:

I have also been working really hard with my daddy, and today I showed mummy how well I can tell the time. I’m going to get a watch soon if I keep up my hard work. I tell mummy the time all the time now. 

From Oliver W:

Hello everyone 


I am really enjoying the Giuseppe Arcimboldo work. Today I made a drawing of a face out of food. 

I also really like doing my maths work, I get to use Lego to help me with adding. I always end up building things though. 

I really miss all of my friends and teachers. 

But it is really nice spending extra time with mummy, daddy and Jack. 

Me and Jack are going for a bike ride this afternoon with mummy. 


Have a good weekend everyone. 

Can’t wait to see you all soon. 


From Dan:

So today Dan has designed and built a water rocket and (part of a) launcher. The later aim will be to see if we can hit a model Anderson shelter. 


5, 4, 3, 2, 1.....

Still image for this video

From Jessica:

Still image for this video
A bedtime story for us all.

From Jessica:

Still image for this video

From Daisy:

Hi everyone, iIhave been doing all of the ww2 challenges and have been doing maths and ttrs every day I am really enjoying the break and lovely weather and have been missing my friends very much, stay in touch, Daisy!

From Millie and Lacey:

 Lacey and Millie have had a lovely Easter holiday spending time in the garden, going on long bike rides and making up a coronavirus song as part of the challenge set. 

From Jessica:

I wish I was at school.  I have been very busy making a Roman helmet and shield (see pictures), learning to ride my bike without stabilisers, gardening and much more.  I am also doing Carol Vorderman's Maths Factor 30 day challenge, Cosmic kids yoga, Joe Wicks P.E. and going for long walks.  We have been watching back in time the corner shop from Victorian times up until modern day.  Missing everybody hope to see you all soon. 

From Jack R:


Hello from Jack, he is missing all his friends and teachers. He has made this picture to show all he misses his  family  but they are staying safe  at home and that his Aunty Jue and Aunty Fleur are going out to keep other people safe. 

He hopes you like his picture and he also cannot wait to come back to school as soon as its safe to be back 


From Ella and Alfie: 

Hi Everyone!

We have enjoyed a nice Easter Holiday from our garden and spent lots of time in the sunshine. Ella has been busy practising her gymnastics and trampolining skills and made some lovely Easter Cakes! Alfie has been playing lots of Football and working on a World War Two battle out of Lego. We have played lots of board games together and been getting our daily exercise by bike riding and walking Pip (our dog) down the lane to feed the donkeys.

See you soon,

Ella and Alfie xx




From Sydney and her family:

The Brownies have set us some tasks including den making and a massive discussion relating to need vs want! Great activities to do in these uncertain times and relevant to the WW2 project. Sydney has also mastered the new craft of crochet, making her 1st flower and is now tackling a blanket. We have managed to get out and about in the early morning, and seen spring at it's best! We've even managed a bike ride to the butchers at Asfordby. We've read together, baked together, cleaned together, worked together and kept one another going during this difficult period. Motivation and confidence building is key.


From Jasmine and her family:

Jasmine has had fun building camp fires and eating marsh mellows.

From Oscar H:

Hope everyone is ok and staying safe. I have been keeping busy doing spellings and reading and researching different types of trains. I have especially been enjoying playing rugby and rounders in the garden and helping with the animals.


From Lacey:

Still image for this video

From Dan:

Still image for this video
Dan has been practising his guitar...

From Oliver C:

Oliver has made a green grass monster - he needs a haircut!

From Josh and Ben:

It’s been a busy few days in the Holland house - PE with Joe Wicks every morning followed by TT rockstars and reading.
Ben has been using the computer to research all about rations in WW2 and made his own ration book - he made it look old by painting it with a teabag!
Joshua showed me the story of The lighthouse keepers lunch  on You Tube and has been designing outfits for Mr Grinling and thinking about different sources of light.
We also made flapjacks today where they demonstrated great teamwork, reading of the recipe and maths to very precisely weigh the ingredients - the result is yummy!!
 See you soon


From Sam M-S:

I have been doing sport in my garden with my brother and dog walks with my dog, Buddy - he's even getting bored and bitten all the way through his bed! I've done topic work like a science experiment on explosives and made a WWII chocolate cake with no eggs or butter.


From Olivia and Charlotte:

Hello! We hope you are all keeping safe and well. We miss you all and can’t wait to see you all again soon! We have been doing some maths booklets, project work, reading & times table rock stars. πŸ“šWe have also had lots of fun in the garden β˜€οΈand we have also been doing some baking!! Yum Yum!! πŸͺ🍰 Both of us have been doing lots of dancing and we’ve loved doing the Joe Wicks session too πŸ€Έβ™€οΈπŸ‘―β™€οΈπŸ’•

From Lily and Stan:

Dad has been teaching us how to build things. We have been writing letters, learning about trains and Anne Frank, afternoons are arty things...


From Toby and William:

We have been doing lots of things with our dad like helping in the yard and feeding on our quad.

We have been doing lots of stop motion animation and cleaning our old flat.

Here are some pictures:


From Tommy K:

I am going to make a chocolate cake and dinner today. I have learnt how to calculate radius on a circle. My brother checks everything I do in maths. Going for a walk now. STAY AT HOME

From Annabelle and her family:

Annabelle has been busy doing lots of work in her school office.  She decided Mr Grinling would like an ice cream for his lunch and wrote an acrostic poem for him.

From Ronnie and his family:

 Ronnie has been doing lots of maths work and lots of reading and writing. He’s also been having lots of fun in the garden, making tik tok videos learning new routines daily dancing and singing.

From Logan R:

 Today we have been doing lots of work like ttrs and some maths and a diary entry for English.πŸ™‚

From Josh N and his family:

He has been really busy learning about incredible animals and carrying out treasure hunts for materials around the house and garden. We’re doing lots of cooking and he’s started to learn a few notes on the recorder.
He misses you all very much, especially as he is having to give me lesson plans and ideas for his phonics sessions!
He has been really busy learning about incredible animals and carrying out treasure hunts for materials around the house and garden. We’re doing lots of cooking and he’s started to learn a few notes on the recorder.

Josh N - The history of trains

Still image for this video

From Oliver E:

 Hi everyone. How's it going during the lock down? It's been quite stressful for me as I don't get to see my friends but I just get on with it. It's very sad not seeing your friends. At least we have company with our pets brothers and sisters, mums and dads. Have a good time and enjoy ourselves during lockdown! Stay safe everyone


From Millie and Lacey:

We had a fun day in the garden. Collecting sticks and painting them, making them into fairy tipis.



From Florence and Charlie:

Florence has been learning how to cross stitch and is also keeping up with maths and English.

Charlie has done some good work keeping an isolation diary and doing some maths worksheets.

We plan to plant some seeds this week and we’ve also got some science experiments planned.



From Oliver K-H:

 Hello everyone.

Hope all of my friends are ok.

I have been busy with doing school work.

Me and my mum have done the Joe Wicks workout every day.  I am also listening to some David Walliams audio books which I am enjoying.

We have just started to have some lambs born on the farm so I am helping with that too.

From Oliver