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EYFS, Year 1, Year 6 return to school information

Information to support phased extension of school provision:


The government has stated its intention for primary schools to extend their opening to children in EYFS, Year 1 and Year 6. The earliest this could take effect is Monday, 1st June.

The decision to open on 1st June will be taken by the government on Thursday, 28th May. We will be in touch after the announcement to confirm arrangements.


The published guidance states that if a child lives in a house with someone who is extremely clinically vulnerable, it is advised they only attend school if stringent social distancing can be adhered to.


Precautions in school

In school, we will be taking the following precautions but have to be realistic in stating that we will not be able to ensure children maintain social distancing.

Government guidance states that all children are to stay in groups of no more than 15 and are not to mix with children from other groups throughout the day.



  • All soft furnishings and resources made from porous materials will be removed where possible from the classrooms.
  • The use of shared equipment and furniture will be kept to an absolute minimum. All surfaces will be cleaned regularly and between uses.
  • Class sizes will be limited to no more than 15. Some will be smaller due to size of classrooms.
  • We aim to have the children’s usual class teacher and support staff with them. As numbers change, this may not be able to be maintained.
  • Toilets in Classes 1 and 2 will be unisex to stop children walking through other classrooms. The sinks in the shared area in Key Stage 1 will be allocated to each class so children do not mix with children from other the other class.
  • Cloakrooms and toilets for key worker children and Year 6 will be monitored so only one child is in there at a time.


Changes to routines:

  • Start and end times will be staggered to ensure we do not have large numbers of children or parents at the gate or on the playground at any one time.
  • All children will be dropped off at the front gate and make their way in to school through their class doors. Children in EYFS will be met at their gate by staff members.
  • At the end of school, collection times will be staggered. We ask that parents wait outside their class doors as usual, collect their child and leave promptly.
  • During break and lunchtimes, the children will not be able to mix with children from other classes. EYFS will have their breaks in their garden. The playground and field will be zoned so that the children all have access to the field at some point each week. Staff will supervise the children as normal outside. We will encourage children to keep their distance from each other, but are realistic in expecting this to not be followed by the younger children.
  • There will be no whole school assemblies.
  • Lunches will be eaten in classrooms.
  • Initially, school meals will not be available, so we ask that every child is sent with a packed lunch. We do not yet know if fruit and milk will be available for the younger children so please send them with a little extra. This may change once routines are established in classes.
  • Our “No nuts rule” remains in place.
  • Please ensure children are able to open packets and pots themselves.
  • Please do not send in any additional items with children that they will not need during the day. Guidance on what resources, if any, will be required for each age group will follow.


Personal hygiene:

  • Children and adults will follow good hygiene practice, regular hand washing and “Catch it, bin it, kill it” principles with respiratory hygiene.
  • Hand gel and soap will be readily available in every classroom and at every sink. If you would like to send in any moisturiser for your child’s hands, please do so in a named bottle, which they can open themselves. We do understand that the regular washing takes its toll on children’s hands.
  • Children in EYFS will work in small groups which will remain the same each day. The children cannot reasonably work independently all day but we will limit the number of other children they are in close contact with.

Face shields will be available for children in EYFS to use, with parent permission. These are full face, clear plastic face shields but are not a guaranteed form of protection. Each child will have their own and can personalise it. They would only wear these during activities where they are working closely with their classmates. If parents do not wish their child to use a face shield, we will not force them to.

If you wish your child to wear a face shield but they refuse, we will not force them.


  • We will not be enforcing our uniform policy in the lead up to the summer holidays and advise you to wash all clothes daily. We do expect children to wear sensible clothes and still follow our rules of no make-up and only small stud earrings.


First aid:

  • Adults will not use PPE unless administering first aid to a pupil or they are vulnerable themselves.
  • First aid will be administered in classrooms during lessons times, to limit contact between adults and children in other classes. It will also reduce the number of children leaving their classes. At break and lunchtimes, there will be a central first aid post, accessible from each of the zones and children will be treated there. Face masks, gloves and disposable aprons will be available for staff.


Visitors/Adults in school:

  • No non-staff adults will be allowed entry to school without prior appointment.
  • If you need to contact the office, please ring or email. Visitors will not be allowed in to the school reception without an appointment.


Start and end times:



Year 1

Year 6

Key Worker

Start time





End time






Please drop off and collect promptly to ensure as few as possible are at the school gate or on the playground at any one time.

If you have children in more than one group, please drop them off and collect during the later time slots.


EYFS and Year 1 will miss their afternoon break time and end the day slightly earlier than usual to give staff a chance to clean resources and to ease congestion in the playground and at the gates.


PE and Forest School

  • To reduce the number of belongings in school, children should come in to school wearing PE kit on their allotted day.




Year 1

Year 6

Key Worker

PE Day






  • Class 1 will be spending more time at Forest School, please send in suitable clothing each day – long sleeves and long legs, (they can bring these to change into if it is a hot day) except for their PE day when they can come in PE kit.



We will be limited in what we can teach and how we can teach it due to distancing within classrooms and the removal of certain resources. We intend to spend time recapping a lot of the English and maths curriculum covered before the children left in March and will focus on applying these skills rather than teaching new ones. Activities and tasks will be in line with what is being set for those children who remain at home.

Children in Year 6 will complete the sex and relationships part of their curriculum, a separate letter will be sent out to parents about this. They will also have opportunities to develop their independent learning skills, as part of the transition to secondary school.

We are in touch with both John Fernley and Longfield about the transition process for Year 6. They will be in touch with you directly about certain aspects and we will pass information on as we receive it. Arrangements for transition days in July are yet to be confirmed and are dependent on government guidelines. Please note that we do not have any influence over these arrangements


Outside learning

Hopefully, the weather will be kind to us and we will be able to spend a lot of time outside. Please make sure you send a water bottle in to school as we will not be able to provide cups in classrooms anymore.

Also, please make sure your child has a cap and sun cream, both named, in school each day. Again, please make sure your child can open this and apply it themselves.


End of term events and celebrations

Unfortunately, the end of term trips have been cancelled and all of the usual end of term events such as the Key Stage 2 performance, PTA discos, sports day and Race For Life will no longer take place.


Attendance and absence reporting

Whilst there are no penalties for not sending your child in to school, we ask you to let us know in advance if they will be absent.

It is up to you whether your child attends full time or only on some days. Personally, I would advise that if you have taken the decision to send them, then sending them every day will help to establish routine and structure for them.

We need to be mindful that class sizes do not exceed 15, so regular attendance and advance notice of any absence will help us manage this.

The key worker group will also be kept to a maximum of 15 children so, if you would like to book eligible children on to this, please do so in advance via School gateway so we can manage numbers.


Children and family members showing symptoms

If any child begins to show symptoms of a high temperature, new persistent cough or loss of taste or smell, we will isolate them and ring you to collect them immediately. Government guidance should then be followed to self-isolate.

If any member of your household begins to show symptoms, you will need to self-isolate.

Any person over the age of 5 who is showing symptoms, is eligible for a Covid-19 test.


If a pupil or staff member tests positive for CoVid-19, the whole school will be put into self-isolation.


School transport

We have not been given any information about the school bus, please assume it will not be running unless you hear otherwise.


Proposed set up of classrooms:

Below are some photos of the planned arrangements in Classes 1 and 2. We are still in the process of removing all soft furnishings and porous resources but we hope these will give an idea of what the children should expect when they come in.

Class 5 will follow a similar arrangement; however it is currently in use. These will be added to the website as soon as they are ready.


Class 1:



Class 2:



Downloadable version of the above information: