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Let us be concerned for one another, to help one another to show love and to do good. Hebrews 10:24

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Covid-19 Arrangements and Information

Remote Learning

Follow this link for a video from the NHS about how to administer a Covid-19 test to a child:


This information was finalised on 3rd August, there may be alterations if the Government issue new guidance in the weeks leading up to the new term. We will be in touch if anything needs to be altered.


A small school bag is permitted to carry Partnership Books, reading books and lunches.


Precautions in school

In school, we will be taking the following precautions but have to be realistic in stating that we will not be able to ensure children maintain social distancing.

Government guidance states that children can work in bubbles. This will limit their contact with other children but allow for school to function in an effective manner.

Children are not allowed to mix with children from other bubbles at anytime during the school day and so the following precautions have been put in place:


To operate efficiently, we will work in 3 bubbles:

Bubble A: Class 1

Bubble B: Classes 2 and 3

Bubble C: Classes 4 and 5

These allow for effective staggering of breaks and lunchtimes, whilst also allowing children in split year groups to see their friends if they have been separated by the class splits. It also allows for Year 2 and Year 5 children to come together in their year groups for certain sessions.


  • The use of shared equipment and furniture will be kept to an absolute minimum. All surfaces will be cleaned regularly and between uses.
  • Whenever possible, children will use their own stationery and will not share. When sharing is necessary, regular cleaning of resources will take place.
  • Toilets in Classes 1 and 2 will be unisex to stop children walking through other classrooms. The sinks in the shared area in Key Stage 1 will be allocated to each class so children do not mix with children from other the other class.
  • The toilets in class 3 will be unisex.
  • Toilets for Classes 4 and 5 will be altered to become unisex - the boys' cloakrooms will now be Class 4 and the girls' cloakroom will now be for Class 5.

Changes to routines:

Start of day:

  • Pupils in Classes 2 and 3 will enter through the double gates, pupils in Classes 4 and 5 will enter through the main gate between 8:55am and 9:05am.
  • Parents will not be able to come on to the playground in the mornings.
  • There will be staff members on duty to take messages if you need to send anything in.
  • The side gate will remain locked.
  • Children will go straight into their classrooms, wash their hands and prepare for their day.
  • Pupils in Class 1 can be brought on to the playground by their parents at 9:10am. Staff will meet them at their class gate. We know it might be difficult at first, but please drop your child off and go, do not linger even if they are upset at you leaving. Staff will comfort them and we always find that they calm down far quicker once you have left.

End of day:

To prevent waiting by the gates or on the pavements, parents are allowed on to the playground. Gates will open at 3:20pm.

  • Class 1 will finish at 3:15pm – please come to the front gate and buzz to be allowed entry.

Please make every effort to ensure social distancing whilst moving between classes and to follow any signs and one way arrows.

  • Please wait on the marked dots outside your child’s class door.
  • Please collect younger siblings first.
  • Please leave the grounds as soon as you have collected your children.

During the school day:

  • During break and lunchtimes, the children will not be able to mix with children from other classes. The playground and field will be zoned so that the children all have access to the field at some point each week. Staff will supervise the children as normal outside. We will encourage children to keep their distance from each other, but are realistic in expecting this to not be followed by the younger children.
  • There will be no whole school assemblies.
  • Lunches will be eaten in classrooms.
  • School packed lunches will be available to order as usual. There will be no hot meals available initially. Once this changes, we will let you know.
  • Lunchtimes will be organised so classes have a set period inside to eat and a period outside to play. Classes 2, 3, 4 and 5 will have a slightly shorter lunch break with an afternoon break added in to provide as much time as possible outside.
  • Our “No nuts rule” remains in place.
  • Please ensure children are able to open packets and pots themselves.
  • Please do not send in any additional items with children that they will not need during the day. Guidance on what resources, if any, will be required for each age group will follow.

Start and end times:



Class 1

Classes 2 and 3

Classes 4 and 5

Start time




End time







Personal hygiene:

  • Children and adults will follow good hygiene practice, regular hand washing and “Catch it, bin it, kill it” principles with respiratory hygiene.
  • Hand gel and soap will be readily available in every classroom and at every sink. If you would like to send in any moisturiser for your child’s hands, please do so in a named bottle, which they can open themselves. We do understand that the regular washing takes its toll on children’s hands.
  • Children in EYFS will work in small groups which will remain the same each day. The children cannot reasonably work independently all day but we will limit the number of other children they are in close contact with.

School uniform:

  • We are returning to our usual uniform policy of a blue t-shirt with logo, grey trousers/shorts/skirt/pinafore dress, blue jumper or cardigan with logo.
  • On PE day, children will need to come in wearing their PE kit.
  • Government guidance has relaxed the importance of washing all clothes every day.

First aid:

  • Adults will not use PPE unless administering first aid to a pupil or they are vulnerable themselves.
  • First aid will be administered in classrooms during lessons times, to limit contact between adults and children in other classes. It will also reduce the number of children leaving their classes. At break and lunchtimes, there will be a central first aid post, accessible from each of the zones and children will be treated there. Face masks, gloves and disposable aprons will be available for staff.

Visitors/Adults in school:

  • No non-staff adults will be allowed entry to school without prior appointment.
  • Visiting professionals will be allowed on site with an appointment.
  • If you need to contact the office, please ring or email. Visitors will not be allowed in to the school reception without an appointment.




  • To reduce the number of belongings in school, children should come in to school wearing PE kit on their allotted day.



Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

Class 4

Class 5

PE Day










We will return to teaching our full curriculum, with an initial focus on ensuring the children are ready to learn. There will be time set aside for talking through any concerns and to share their experiences of lockdown.


Our curriculum is designed in such a way that prior learning is always revisited before moving on to new content. This will help us to ensure that there are no gaps in learning. We are confident that the children will not suffer long lasting, detrimental effects on their learning if they have not attended school since March.


Classes 4 and 5 will not be going swimming this term, however music lessons will go ahead.


Outside learning

Hopefully, the weather will be kind to us and we will be able to spend a lot of time outside.

  • Please make sure you send a water bottle in to school as we will not be able to provide cups in classrooms anymore.
  • Please make sure your child has a cap and sun cream, both named, in school each day. Again, please make sure your child can open this and apply it themselves.


Attendance and absence reporting

  • It is now compulsory to send your child to school. We do understand that this can still be quite daunting so please get in touch if you have any concerns.
  • If your child is ill, please report to school in the normal way – call and leave a message on the answer phone 01664 822455 or send an email to the office:

Foreign travel

If the child or a member of your household has travelled outside of the UK, please get in touch with Mrs Browne, to discuss whether your household needs to self-isolate.

If you are going abroad before the end of the summer holidays and will return less than 2 weeks before the first day of term (26th August), please get in touch.

Children and family members showing symptoms

If any child begins to show symptoms of a high temperature, new persistent cough or loss of taste or smell, we will isolate them and ring you to collect them immediately. Government guidance should then be followed to self-isolate.

If any member of your household begins to show symptoms, you will need to self-isolate.

Any person over the age of 5 who is showing symptoms, is eligible for a Covid-19 test.


If a pupil or staff member tests positive for CoVid-19, their bubble will be closed and all members will need to self-isolate. This may extend to the whole school, depending on who they have been in contact with.


School transport

We have not been given any information about the school bus as yet. We will keep you informed if we hear anything.


Before and After School Club

These will be open, but with some alterations:

  • Children from different bubbles will have to be kept separate. This means that we will have to restrict numbers to no more than 6 from each bubble.
  • No afterschool sports club will be available.
  • After school provision will end at 4:45pm to allow extra time for cleaning.
  • A limited range of pre-packaged food will be available.
  • Children will be dropped off and collected from the hall doors in to the car park.

Due to these changes, there will be some alterations to the cost, please see School Gateway for further information in the next couple of weeks.  Parents of children starting in Class 1, please email the office if you would like to use breakfast or after school clubs –