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Old Dalby Church of EnglandPrimary School

Kind hearts, open minds, courageous spirits

Together we will explore life in all its fullness

Let us be concerned for one another, to help one another to show love and to do good. Hebrews 10:24

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Class 5

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Song Book for the Performance - Full Songs - FEEL FREE TO PRACTISE

Class 5

The end of the term and, indeed, the school year is very fast approaching now.  I can't believe we are down to single-digit days!  Parents - keep an eye out in your inbox and check your child's partnership book for updates as they happen. 




If you have any reading books which belong to school or have 'MRS G' labels in them either at home/in your book bag, they need to be returned to school by:


Thank you!

Highlights for Week 4

Monday, 27th June (evening)

KS2 Performance

Children to return to school at by 6.15 pm to be ready for curtain up at 6.30 pm


Tuesday, 28th June 

Whole School Trip for the day

Further details were in the newsletter


Wednesday, 29th June (evening)

KS2 Performance

Children to return to school at by 6.15 pm to be ready for curtain up at 6.30 pm


Thursday, 30th June

9.45 am Rev'd Jamie's Church Assembly for Year 6 Leavers


Throughout the Week

We will do our best to undertake and complete our D&T project by Friday lunchtime!




    HOMEWORK:  Just the usual!


    Expectations generally are:


    • Reading - at least 3 times per week.  It doesn't have to be all night.  A minimum of 10 minutes will do it.  Reading comprehension cards are available to be taken home - one per week - and the swap with another child the following week. 
    • Times table rock stars - keep your practice up so your speeds increase.  It's amazing how much time you can gain to work out maths questions when your recall of number facts is speedy and accurate.
    • Spellings - no lists to learn at home; just rules/investigations/practising in class.  Be on the lookout when reading for words which match the rule of the fortnight, your own 'focus five' and practise them to boost your knowledge and understanding.


    Obviously, as we move ever closer to the end of the school year, there will be changes to the days and possible shifting of activities.  Keep an eye out for emails and notes in partnership books so you are always up-to-date.


    Advance Notices


    Monday, 4th July & Tuesday, 5th July- Year 6 Transition Days for High School

    Wednesday, 6th July -  (morning) cricket; (afternoon) lunchtime/afternoon treats for Year 6s

    Thursday, 7th July - Last Day of the School Year & Leavers' Assembly


    Here's to another great week!

    Mrs Greaves, Mrs Fowkes and Mrs Vaughan