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Together we will explore life in all its fullness

Let us be concerned for one another, to help one another to show love and to do good. Hebrews 10:24

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Class 4



We hope that you are all having a good week so far and that everything is going as smoothly as possible for you.  Mrs Horan and I are unbelievably impressed with just how much work you are getting through and have been speaking regularly about how much fun everyone seems to be having with their learning tasks.  We hope you have enjoyed Science week - we certainly have loved seeing all the work and learning that has been happening.


You are all being amazing and should be incredibly proud of yourselves!  Keep doing what you are doing.  If anyone is having trouble accessing the learning activities through teams them please get in touch and we will be happy to help you.


This Friday we are going to have a spelling test and I have set a couple of videos in teams; one with the words in a sentence and one with the answers so have a look and see how many you get right!


I will attempt to drop the videos on here too but if they don't attach then I apologise and hopefully you will be able to watch them on teams.  


Enjoy the rest of your week!!


Mr McQuade and Mrs Horan.




Hello! Welcome to a brand new week and a very happy Monday morning to you all!


We do you hope you had a relaxing weekend. I (Mrs Horan) have managed to get out for some beautiful and thoroughly enjoyable countryside walks with my little boy. He doesn't know about lockdown - he's just happy to cycle around everywhere on his balance bike and splash in puddles! 


Hopefully you have been able to access all of the remote learning so far and that you haven't found the work too challenging. Our intention has been to provide work that isn't too dissimilar to what you are used to doing in school (except you might be doing it in your slippers at home with perhaps a dog or a cat sitting next to you instead of your usual classmate). Do let us know how you are getting on - we love to hear from you! I would also like to take this opportunity to give a special mention to those of you who have really been engaging on teams and submitting work every day. It has been great to be able to keep in touch on there and give you feedback on all the work you have been doing! Keep up the good work guys. Please do get in touch if you are struggling to access the learning on teams. It is a great platform as it shows us how much you are engaging and is an easy way for you to submit work to us and for us to give you feedback on it.


We have an exciting week ahead planned. Firstly, we have attempted to arrange a video call which we are hoping (technology providing) means we can chat to all of you 3pm today (Monday). Check teams for the invite details to this. Please let us know if you are unable to access and we will try to assist you with this. Also, if we haven't phoned you the old fashioned way yet, either myself or Mr McQuade will be calling you this week to check how you are doing. We do miss you at school.


We are aware with the current learning, there's a lot of printing out with the maths worksheets being set. We are currently looking to our options with this and are hoping to find a way that you can edit the sheets directly on your electronic device if you prefer. (I know...fancy!) In the meantime, if needed, get in touch and we can provide you with a pack for the week with all the printing done for you. 


See below for a timetable outlining all of the fun activities we have planned this week. We are only uploading a morning work powerpoint with 5 slides, the maths sheets and the answers onto the here this week. Everything else you need you should be able to access via the links we have put on the timetable document. We are continuing the morning work and maths in the same way as we did last week, so that should be familiar to you. For English however, we will be following along to some live lessons taught by Jane Considine. We will be following these lessons on YouTube from January 11th to January 21st. Jane is teaching a Narrative unit of work using the book - The Secret of Black Rock.


This week is also exciting for another reason...We are doing a science week! We are going to be learning about states of matter, and each lesson is designed so that you should be able to complete it at home. They should be really fun, and we are really looking forward to them!


Finally, we just want to say to you all. This is a very challenging time for everyone. Challenging for those at home, challenging for parents who are trying to facilitate your work while you're at home (and possibly try and do a million other things at the same time!) and at times challenging for us teachers too as we try and make sure you have everything you need whilst providing for those still learning in school. We are all in the process of learning about what works best for all of us, and we really do appreciate how hard it all is. We want to say a big well done - you are doing brilliantly so far and we have really appreciated how supportive you have all been in these unusual times. We are extremely proud of all of you.


If you need anything at all - please do get in touch. We are here to help!


Mrs Horan and Mr McQuade



Morning work for the week

Friday 8th January



We hope that you have had another good day of remote learning and that you are getting on well with your activities.  Just to remind you that all of your lesson materials are available on TEAMS and I wanted to give a big shout out to all of you who have been sending in some fabulous work - it has been a treat to see it all!


Remember that TEAMS is available on numerous platforms including X-Box and PlayStation and that if for any reason you are unable to access your work remotely then please get in touch; we are always happy to help you.


Now today is PE day and we will be doing some circuit style activities in school.  Check out the videos below to give you some ideas.  We would love to see any pictures, video clips or picture reports of what you do!



Later on today or over the weekend, we will be posting your spellings for this week and like normal we would expect that you will practise them DAILY by writing them down, drawing them as rainbows, pyramids, growing and shrinking letters or any other way you know how to.  You should practise writing them in sentences, write them into songs, turn them into poems, postcards, letters or invitations; ANY way that you can use them in the correct context to learn them.  You could even show your family how to play hangman!


As for the X-Factor, the sheets aren't currently available as an online resource but we are working hard to get them to you.  When that happens, it is our plan for you to do your X-Factor once a week as per normal, including marking your work too.  In the meantime, please continue to practise your times tables facts at home and access your TT rock stars account.  Believe me when I tell you that you have all made such WONDERFUL progress with your times tables and we want that to keep going.


Ok that's enough for now!!  Have a great day and enjoy your weekend.


You have earned it!


Mr McQuade and Mrs Horan.

Morning work - Friday 8th Jan (final slide only)

Spr5.1.2 - Multiply 3-digits by 1-digit

This is "Spr5.1.2 - Multiply 3-digits by 1-digit" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Kids Circuit: Drill Workout (FUN WORKOUT FOR KIDS AT HOME)

This FUN KIDS WORKOUT will have you sweating and moving using cones or paper plates. Perform FUN DRILLS like LATERAL SHUFFLES, SQUAT SHUFFLES, LEAP FROGS, ...

Just Dance 2018 * Waka Waka (Football Version)



Well it's Thursday and I can't believe where the week is disappearing to!  How are you all getting on?  Are you all able to access your work?  We have been posting the work and activities for you both on TEAMS - which you can access from a PlayStation and X-Box, as well as on a laptop or other mobile device.  Like Mrs Horan said yesterday we are wanting to make sure that everyone is able to access the activities in as many ways as possible, so for now we shall continue to keep putting them in both places for you.


If you are able to access your work through TEAMS 'assignments', then that is great as we can keep all of your work in one place and feeding back to you daily will be really easy.  If you are experiencing any difficulties then please get in touch and we will be only too pleased to help!


Information about accessing TEAMS was sent out in October but we will happily help you access it if you are having trouble.  We have seen some wonderful work happening and we really hope that despite the circumstances, you all feel that we are still together as one and can work our way through these difficult times as a class - CLASS 4!


Have a great day!


Mr McQuade and Mrs Horan


Good morning all. As we adjust to this new style of learning and we work out what works well and what doesn’t, we want to remind you that school is not closed and you are not alone in this. Drop us an email or give us a call. Or message us on teams if you know how!


If you are struggling, speak to us. We are here to help. We all know how tough this is. Tough to do it all again. We are here, and ready to help.


Mrs Horan and Mr McQuade
We are in the process of moving all of the work we set onto Microsoft Teams:

If you are struggling to get onto Microsoft teams, please do get in touch.


Our intention is to upload work for the following day each afternoon. Please keep an eye on this page and on teams to monitor any work that has been set.

Spr5.1.1 - Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit

This is "Spr5.1.1 - Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Morning work Thursday 7th Jan

Wednesday 6th January


Please see attached files below. We recommend you complete the work in this order (as you would do in school). The work should take about 3 hours to complete.


Morning work



Topic work


Don't forget to continue to read and practise your times tables as well as these set lessons, just like you would on a normal school day. You will be set new spellings for next week on Friday.


Best wishes,


Mrs Horan and Mr McQuade

Morning work Weds 6th

Aut5.12.4 - Area of irregular shapes WEDNESDAY'S LESSON

This is "Aut5.12.4 - Area of irregular shapes" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

How to Draw a Wolf

How to Draw a WolfHey everyone! Here's a new "How to" video, about drawing a Wolf. I really hope this is useful in some way. Please let me know what you thin...


(Message from the first day of lockdown Tuesday 5th January 2021)


Good morning and Happy new Year to you all!


It is currently 6am, and I wonder who will be first to eagerly log onto the class page to find out about all the remote learning set for you?! Perhaps you are waking this morning and finding out for the first time that we are in national lockdown once again? Or perhaps you stayed up last night to listen to our prime minister deliver the news? 


We feel sad that we will not being seeing a lot of you in person each day in school over the next few weeks, but we have lots of ideas about how we can keep in touch. These include us teachers phoning you regularly, and class video chats. It will also be easier to keep in touch via teams as you will be able to respond to us easily and in the moment.  


In class 4, we are expecting there will be about a third of the class still in school (still completing work in the way we usually would). For those of you accessing the work from home, the objectives will be the same but the actual lessons might vary a little depending on resources available to you.


We will be providing 3 hours of work a day for you, so make sure you check on the class page and on teams every day to see what you need to be doing. We have got a learning journal with your name on it (in school at the moment) to work in during this period on remote learning, and will endeavour to get that to you ASAP! The expectation is that you will try your very best to complete all of this work, just like you always do when you are in school. 


The work we will set you will be very similar to the work you are used to (and are very good at) completing in school. So, you will start the day with morning work - exactly the same activities you would expect to see in school. You will then do a maths lesson (using the videos and worksheets which you are used to seeing). After this, there will be an English lesson, and then an afternoon topic based activity. 


Obviously, in class, you will be very used to having help and support with your work. We want you to feel that same level of help and support is available to you at home, so our promise to you is that if you ask us a question about your work, we will do our very best to get back to you within 24 hours.


So, it is now 6:15 at the time of writing this, and I hoped to get today's work online for you ASAP, so without further ado, here is today's learning.


Morning work

Maths - area of compound shapes

English - a grammar lesson on pronouns

Topic work - A reflection of 2020 (what a crazy year!)


Sending you lots of positivity in these strange times,


Mrs Horan and Mr McQuade

Morning work Tuesday 5th

Tuesday 5th Area of Compound shapes

This is "Aut5.12.3 - Area of compound shapes" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Tuesday English - grammar


Tuesday 5th Topic work


For each month, please summarise what happened and then include a small picture (hand drawn or digital) to match.


Follow the instructions here  Reflection of 2020 - Google Slides




This unit of work is for 2 weeks of remote learning.

Each day, you should aim to complete: one formal maths lesson, and one formal English lesson.

 Aside from these more formal lessons, we recommend you spend some time every day reading your book, practising your times tables and practising your spellings. Rather than giving you a specific list of spellings for these two weeks, we would like you to pick 10 words from the your year group's common exception words list uploaded on the class page. Choose the words that you know you struggle with and try to learn them by the end of the 14 days. This way, the learning is catered to your specific needs.

Alongside maths and English lessons, you may also want to spend some time researching and creating project work based around our current topic (incredible inventions and the Ancient Greeks). Please see the knowledge organiser on the class page for more detail on this.

We are aware that some of you do not always have access to an electronic device. We also recognise that a balanced education is so much more than maths and English. So,, do take a look at the suggestions and ideas at the bottom of the class page for a more ideas for remote learning.

These units of work are for you if need to access remote learning because you are isolating at home for a shorter period of time but you are still well..

Each day, you should aim to complete: one maths lesson, one reading lesson and one writing lesson. The work will reflect what we are doing in class.


(this section of the website will be updated as and when the planning is needed)


Year 4 common exception spelling words

Year 5 common exception words

1. Read.

Reading independently during remote learning is one of the most effective ways to ensure our brain is being used and is taking in new knowledge and information.  Independent reading helps you grow your vocabulary, reading comprehension, verbal fluency, and general knowledge. Try to aim to read for at least half an hour during each school day whilst you are learning remotely.

2. Teach someone.

Teaching something you know improves your understanding of it. You can teach others what you've learned -- whether you learned it in the classroom or somewhere else. Teach a sibling. Teach a parent. Teach anyone willing to listen!

3. Start a passion project.

What are you passionate about? What would you usually spend hours of your own time doing -- even if no one asked you to do it?

The answer is likely the beginning of a passion project. This may be a project that you wouldn't be able to do -- or might not make time to do -- under normal circumstances. Identify passions. Pick one to pursue. Visualise a project. Outline the steps. Get started.

4. Learn a skill.

This is similar to a passion project -- yet different. The passion project is outcome-based. What project will you take on? The skill is more, well, skill-based. What skill can you get better at?

Learn an instrument. Practice a new language. Improve free-throw shooting. Skill development requires repetition. If you have the time, you can use it to create strong neural pathways in their brains. 

5. Ask someone questions.

No matter your home environment, you likely will have access to people. Everyone has a story to tell or something to teach. Put that to good use!

You can ask someone lots of questions. Ask about their lives. Ask about their jobs. Ask about important accomplishments. Ask about something they're good at.

6. Make something you're proud of.

Passion projects focus on enthusiasm. Developing a skill focuses on repetition and practice.

Now, here's something similar yet different: make something you're proud of. This focuses on time. Pick something you want to do. Take the time to make it just right. Draw or paint a picture. Create a Lego sculpture or an impressive Minecraft world. The only requirement: it has to meet your OWN standards.

7. Recall what you've learned.

We know that strengthening learning long-term could be as important as acquiring new learning. Thankfully, one of the most powerful ways to encode ideas in long-term memory doesn't require internet. It's called retrieval practice. 

It's the research-based idea that long-term memory is improved when we pull ideas out of our memory. Do a brain dump of ideas learned recently or a long time ago. It helps us remember them for the future. has lots of ideas for incorporating retrieval practice into learning. You could do brain dumps on specific topics (or more general ones). You could make lists, draw pictures, write freely, etc.

8. Reflect.

You learn a lot in school. But the impact isn't as great when you don't get to reflect on what you've learned. How does it fit with what you already know and believe? What will you do with it now that you know it?

9. Exercise.

Exercise won't teach you new content. But it primes the brain for thinking, and an exercise routine can make your brains more cognitively agile (ready to learn).

"To keep our brains at peak performance, our bodies need to work hard," writes John J. Ratey M.D. in Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain. "If you had half an hour of exercise this morning, you're in the right frame of mind to sit still and focus on this paragraph, and your brain is far more equipped to remember it."

If exercise has those powerful benefits, then building an exercise routine into each day can make you better learners for the rest of your lives.

10. Be still.

Be alone. Be quiet. Your brain will thank you. Rebooting your brain means improved concentration, deep thought, and more effective problem solving.

We all spend so much time tied to technology. We watch videos. Listen to music. Send messages with friends and our brains are constantly on high alert. If you try create more healthy mindfulness habits, then your brains will be more primed to learn.