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Garden Project

Garden Project – Phase 1


The aim of Phase 1 of the Garden Project is to create a low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing garden which will enhance the school entrance area for pupils, visitors and staff.


The aim of the project to date has been to clear the area, making it ready for the hard landscaping to commence. The majority of the planting has now been removed; the remainder will be completed before the half term holiday. Plans for the ‘new’ garden have been finalised, costed and materials have been sourced. The school and PTA are jointly funding the project.


The target completion date for phase 1 of this project is the end of the summer term – Friday 14th July 2017 – at the latest! However, to meet his date we require HELP. We are looking for volunteers to help complete the following tasks:


1.     Cutting 8 softwood sleepers into defined lengths

 2.    Levelling the area in preparation to lay the sleepers

3.     Laying the sleepers

 4.    Laying artificial turf

 5.    Filling beds with top soil and planting

 6.    Painting timber stakes to look like pencils.


If you are interested I helping us (or you know someone who might be!) please email the PTA – pta@olddalbyschool.org.uk before Monday 22nd May with the following information:

 1.     Your name

 2.    Your contact details

 3.    Your availability during June and the start of July (including weekends)

 4.    The tasks you are interested in helping with

 We will then book sessions and communicate them before school finishes for half term on Thursday 26th May.


Anyone and everyone is welcome to join us – we need ‘non-skilled’ volunteers as much as we need the ‘skilled’ for the tasks required!

Hoping very much to hear from lots of willing and able volunteers!