Let us be concerned for one another, Hebrews 10:24                

Collective Worship

Collective Worship


Collective Worship, within a Christian context, plays an important part in the life of our school.  It is a time when children meet together with members of staff in a calm and peaceful atmosphere and where all present are given the opportunity to reflect and participate.  Collective Worship is distinct from simply meeting together to exchange information.  Worship involves us gathering together to learn about and to praise God, and to express feelings of worth and respect for ourselves, others, our local community and our world as gifts from God.  It is also an opportunity for prayer and reflection.




Collective Worship is a part of school life in which the whole school community can share.  It offers intentional learning experiences which draw on and contribute to the whole curriculum.  Collective Worship gives the opportunity to explore the spiritual dimension of life, celebrate achievements together, share experiences and reflect on common values.  It contributes to children’s religious education by using some of the elements of Christian worship, promoting an understanding of the nature of God through the life of Jesus Christ and evoking the senses and feelings from which the worship of God arises.


All Collective Worship will be in accordance with the principles and practice of the Church of England.  It may also reflect the broad traditions of the wider Christian Church.  Since the school community represents a range of religious and non religious beliefs which need to be respected the Christian faith will not be presented in order to inspire commitment.  Participants will be encouraged to respond to worship in their own way and to respect the responses of others.


We aim to ensure that collective worship is meaningful and relevant for all children and staff, for those with a faith background and those with none.  Our school exerts no pressure on children to become worshipping Christians, or to participate actively in any activity that will compromise their own family faith or lack of faith.  However, Christian values are built into our ethos and are reflected in the themes of our worship.



Let us be concerned for one another, to help one another to show love and to do good.

Hebrews 10:24